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Who is Andrew Dixon?

Andrew Dixon is an Auckland-based writer, freelance web designer and professional musician (with the Nairobi Trio and Lazy Boyz).

Andrew has owned and operated a computer-based commercial recording studio for 13 years, and during this time has gained extensive knowledge of PC hardware and software.

As a freelance web designer, Andrew has gained a broad understanding of the workings of the Internet and e-mail. It was this knowledge of computers and the Internet, combined with a simple 'boffin-free' approach, saw Andrew gain the position of 'On-Line' editor for the NEW ZEALAND WOMAN'S WEEKLY, position he held for over eight years.

My C.V.


Dip.CE Diploma Creative Enterprise (Merit)
RFA Registered Financial Advisor
Cert.TT Certificate in tertiary teaching

Teaching | Musician | Audio Engineer | I.T. | Technical Writing | Business

Teaching Experience

During 2009 and 2010 I have lectured on the Listening Analysis papers for the Diploma of Contemporary Music and the web-based resources papers for the Diploma of Creative Enterprise at MAINZ

In addition, during 09' and 10' I have run short courses on the Microsoft Office Suite at MAINZ for both CM and CE diploma courses at MAINZ

For 11 years I ran my own music school based in a commercial property in Glen Eden, Auckland. I taught on average 30 music students per week on instruments including saxophone, piano, flute, drums, guitar, trumpet, bass and clarinet. Lessons included music theory and improvisation techniques.

Audio Engineering
During the same period I ran audio engineering classes. These classes included the use of Digidesign Pro Tools, microphone theory and use, editing, automating and mixing, the use of plug-ins and the use and integration of outboard effects units. Part of my curriculum involved human factors and how to deal with clients and businesses in an effective manner. During this time I created a publication designed to help musicians and prospective engineers get to grips with the recording environment. This publication was sold at local music stores and proved very popular.

Public Speaking
Over the last 10 years I have had opportunity to lecture and give public presentations as the 'On-Line' editor for the New Zealand Woman’s Weekly. These lectures where on a variety of subjects but mostly regarding computers and the Internet.

I provide on-going training to clients, specifically dealing with Microsoft operating systems and software. 


I have been a professional musician for 26 years and play and teach the following instruments:

Primary instruments: saxophone, drums, piano, flute, vocals

Secondary instruments: guitar (finger-style), clarinet, trumpet, bass.

I have played in a number of bands over this time including Tuxedo Junction and the Queen City Big Band. I am currently a member of the Nairobi Trio (15 years) and have toured and performed at international festivals. I read and write music as well as drum tab. I compose both music and lyrics and have a number of compositions listed with APRA.

Audio Technology

Recording Engineer
I have owned and operated my own digital audio and video studio since 1992. To date I have over 5000 hours of studio time as engineer in charge. Over the years my work has won accolades from the music industry in the form of a music award and numerous finalists.

I have over 4000 hours experience in MIDI sequencing, arranging and implementation in a commercial environment.

Live Sound
I have had extensive experience in live PA setup and mixing including lighting and live to multi-track concerts.

Internet & Technology

In 2009 I graduated from MAINZ with my diploma in Creative Enterprise. I achieved this diploma with MERIT - winning the academic prize for the year and the VERO Business Excellence in the Creative Industries award.

The VERO award was given for my research, development and implementation of the on-line business; Royalty Free Music New Zealand

Web Design
Since 1992 I have been a freelance web designer and graphic artist. During this time I have created many corporate and private websites including that of the New Zealand Woman’s Weekly.  At present I have designed and maintain a website for Fairfax Media’s NZ Horse & Pony magazine.

In addition to web design I am a Flash animator and can integrate music and video into web applications using a variety of tools.

I have extensive knowledge of the PC platform both in terms of hardware and software and have been a freelance technician to many businesses in my region.

Technical Writing

On-line Editor
For eight years I held the position of 'On-line' editor for the New Zealand Woman’s Weekly. As well as writing a regular column for the magazine, my responsibilities included creating and maintaining a web presence, working with the various departments in the NZWW as well as The Listener to facilitate such things as on-line stores, order forms and problem solving for readers who wrote or e-mailed in with computer and internet problems.

Published Author
To date I have written three computer and Internet books published by Random House. The first two - Quick and Easy PC 1 & 2 – dealt with many of the generic computer and technology issues along with understanding the Microsoft desktop environment. The third – Microsoft Office Made Easy – helped readers get to grips with the four key applications in the Microsoft Office suite, Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint.

Business Skills

I am currently the managing partner for two registered partnerships in charge of all book keeping, accounts payable & receivable, GST returns and end of year tax returns. I am fluent with accounting practices and money management software packages.

Hobbies and Interests

My main passion is flying and I am currently attaining my private pilot's licence.

My Contact Details

Phone (0064) 021 525 575

e-mail andrew@saxman.co.nz