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Quick & Easy PC
ISBN: 1869415795 Imprint: RH NZ
EAN/ISBN-13: 9781869415792 Subject: Computer Multi
Price: $16.99 Format: Paperback
Release: 18-07-2003
Description of the Book
The NEW ZEALAND WOMAN'S WEEKLY runs the popular 'On-line' column by Andrew Dixon each week. Bite-size (byte-size) chunks of information give handy hints on computer use in an accessible way, ranging from basic information on looking after your computer, through to lists of interesting websites on particular topics, like researching your family history or arranging weddings. Sections of the book are: 1. Knowing your computer: * Using your computer * Maintaining your computer * Hardware * Frequently asked questions 2. Internet and e-mail 3. Websites Andrew Dixon is an Auckland-based writer, freelance web designer and professional musician (with the Nairobi Trio). He has written the 'On-line' column for the NEW ZEALAND WOMAN'S WEEKLY and maintained a website for the column for the last five years. Andrew has owned and operated a computer-based commercial recording studio for 13 years and during this time has gained extensive knowledge of PC hardware and software. As a freelance web designer, Andrew has gained a broad understanding of the workings of the Internet and e-mail. It was this knowledge of computers and the Internet, combined with a simple 'boffin-free' approach, that secured Andrew Dixon the position of 'On-Line' editor for the NEW ZEALAND WOMAN'S WEEKLY.

Quick & Easy PC 2
ISBN: 1869416511 Imprint: RH NZ
EAN/ISBN-13: 9781869416515 Subject: Computer Multi
Price: $16.99 Format: Paperback
Release: 20-08-2004

Description of the Book
This book is a follow up to the very successful Quick & Easy PC, published in 2003. It contains a mixture of entirely new material and some of Andrew Dixon's 'On-line' columns from the New Zealand Woman's Weekly . Bite-size (byte-size) chunks of information give handy hints on computer use in an accessible way, ranging from basic information on getting the most out of your personal computer, through to lists of interesting websites on particular topics, from caring for your skin to buying real estate. Sections of the book are: * Getting to know Windows * Internet Explorer * Outlook Express * Websites

Microsoft Office Made Easy
ISBN: 1869417461 Imprint: RH NZ
EAN/ISBN-13: 9781869417468 Subject: Business Books
Price: $24.99 Format: Trade Paperback
Release: 19-08-2005

Description of the Book
Microsoft Office is the next most-used Microsoft product after Windows, Internet Explorer and Outlook Express. Yet most of those who use the suite use only a small fraction of the tools available. This book shows purchasers how to make the most of the programs that come as part of the package - Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. From basic tasks such as setting up budgeting spreadsheets in Excel and sending emails in Outlook, to more complex projects such as using animations in PowerPoint and mail merging letters in Word, this book will help readers to utilise the full range of functions available with this suite of programs. The book is divided into sections, each section taking the reader through aspects of Word, Excel and PowerPoint at different levels - the first section is for beginners; the next is for those whose skills are developing; then comes a section for those ready for more advanced skills. The final section of the book deals with Outlook. Readers will also see how the programs link together to create an easy work-flow. For example, it shows how to use a basic Excel worksheet within PowerPoint, and how to insert Word or other files into the Notes field when setting up an appointment in Outlook. There are screen shots throughout to help the reader, and the text is simple and easy to follow.